Like hacking?  I dont. This allows a hacker to get in somones account and use it as it belongs  to him. He can do whatever he want with it. He can even change the password so u cant open it and get its access. 

These hackers are not always a techie or a mastermind in computer but can be a commomer or maybe a friend of yours who wanna keep a sight on your daily lifestyle. 

They dont hack into your account but they guess your passwords. Now guessing isnt a tough step so any1 can do it. Now coming to the point,  passwords arent somthing like question and answers that someone can guess and find it correct. So it means that either your password is very easy, short, compressed, common to guess. If you want to stop making new accounts and  blocking your old ones,  you simply register into some sort of security softwares and lose cash. 

If u think u dont wanna do anyone of the above things or get yourself in a trouble then follow the tips below. 

1. Never keep your password PASSWORD.  Its the easiest word which one can guess to get in your account. 

2. Never keep your password related to your family,  friends,  teachers or your phone no. Anyone who is close to you can guess it easily. 

3.passwords should always include capital letters and small letters to confuse. If someone knows your password but dont know that whether its written in capital, small or both. He will be a loser till he cracks it.. 

4. Using capital letters arent enough you have to use numerics, alphabets, special characters and make ur passwords a combination of all these 3.

I will show you with the help of an example. 


Now this is a alphanumeric password which isnt only tough but also unimaginable. 

If u think this password is  very long and hard to remember then you are wrong. I told you that password should be a type of combination and here….. 

1.the first combi is of hashtag.. As u can see its on both the ends. 

2.another is your name. Here i have used a name jack and in that also ‘a’ is  capital. If u think your name is hard to remember,  u can go for your title, school, or anything else.. 

3.other is combi on the qwerty keypad. This u have to observe on your mobilephones keypad i hav used qaz and plm, u can see that these 3 letters are diagonal and vertical on the 1 st vertical line of keypad. And same at the other end plm is used… This is an effective way to easily remember your password and keep it safe. 

4. If u can see the numbers i have used in the password is also the starting ones and ending ones..

I think these will help you to make a safer account with a strong password.. 

Hope it helps.. Alwaz remember – Be unique


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